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According to the Bible, the apple is a symbol of knowledge, according to Homer's "Iliad" this is the fruit of beauty (a trophy, for which goddesses Aphrodite, Athena and Hera fought), and for modern nutritionists  it is the elixir of good health. Indeed, only an apple a day can prevent many diseases and the fermentation process increased several times the beneficial effect of this fruit.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, say people, and it is hardly accidental. Most nutrients of apples - flavonoids, vitamin C and pectin are found in the skin and flesh immediately uder it.
Apples contain a long list of phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and maintain the health of our heart. To make the most of them it is important to eat them with the skin. Naturally, since it is exposed to external influences, we recommend buying apples grown professionally, to clean them thoroughly before consumption in order to minimize the unwanted effects of different potential contaminants.
Along with antioxidants and dietary fiber contained in apples, flavonoids are the third reason these fruits to be included in any good heart supporting diet.
Though not in research as extensive as those concerning heart health, apples appear in studies related to cancer risk. Reduced risk of lung cancer in women is associated with daily consumption of apples. In fact, when it comes to maintaining the health of the lungs, apples appear first among fruits and unlike grapefruit, and of citrus fruits in general, they are remarkably good at reducing the risk of asthma.
Do not assume that apples are less special than the more exotic and less widely consumed fruits. They certainly are not!
Apples combine flavonoids, fiber and antioxidants in a unique and incomparable way. It has been proved that apple juice is extremely useful, and the cloudy juice containing fibers is preferable to clear. Maximum benefit from apple, however, lies in eating them as a whole fruit and key advantages are derived by consuming three medium apples a week.
Golden Delicious is a popular worldwide apple variety. The variety was created in 1890 in Virginia (USA). The variety gives large, yellow, juicy and sweet fruits that ripen until mid-September. Suitable for cooking, preparing desserts, jams and purees.
Red Delicious is an American apple variety, developed in 1868 in Iowa, USA. Imported to Bulgaria in 1933. Fruits are large (average weight 170g), rounded to elongated conical, with pronounced ribs, pale yellow with a dark red blush to carmine red. The fruits ripen in late September. The flesh is yellowish, slightly crunchy, thick, tender, juicy, pleasantly sour, aromatic, with good taste.
Granny Smith fruits of Granny Smith variety are large to very large, weighing 180 - 200g and have rounded conical to flat round correct form. The harvest maturity of fruit occurs during the second half of October. The variety is suitable for storage.
Fuji variety apple fruits are medium to large in size, with flat-globular to globular-conical form, often bowed with asymmetrical halves, but well aligned in size. Suitable for storage.
Braeburn red fruit with clear green patterns come from faraway New Zealand. Good keepers, aromatic, sweet-sour and crunchy, these apples are great both fresh and cooked, as the pieces retain their shape and taste.
Gala apple is a red variety obtained by crossing varieties Kids Orange Red and Golden Delicious. This variety was created in 1920 in New Zealand and is today one of the most frequently produced. Fruits of Gala are rather small, reddish-orange, often with visible vertical lines on them, resistant to shock, with a very slight sour tinge.