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Chinese cabbage is a tender type of cabbage with lettuce-like leaves. Ideal for fresh salad and pickles with great taste, Chinese cabbage is crisp, diet and wholesome.
Chinese cabbage (Brassica Chinensis) or (Brassica Pekinensis) is a vegetable in the cruciferous family. It comes from China, where it has been grown since 1500. Nowadays, Chinese cabbage is grown in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Austria. Its head weighs an average of 400 g to 2 kg.
This vegetable is rich in vitamins C, A and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium. It has a fresh and pleasant taste.

The main benefits of Chinese cabbage are:
-    Reduces high body temperature - heat, inflammation, infection, sore throat, etc.
-    Facilitates digestion and urination.
-    activates brain activity and improves renal activity.
-    Helps cough, eye infections, ulcers, etc.
-    Regular consumption of Chinese cabbage reduces the risk of cancer.
-    extremely useful for cardiovascular disease
Chinese cabbage is an extremely low-calorie food (only 13 calories per 100 g) and easily absorbed by the body, fresh and delicious – the perfect vegetable for people on diet and lovers of light salads, quick pickles and vegetable soups.