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Начало Activities
Objectives and activities of the group of producers Print E-mail

Marketing and sale of fruits and vegetables produced by member producers;
Collection and analysis of information for the produced and sold produce with regard to area, varieties, quality class, quantity, yields and sales;
Planning and adapting vegetable and fruit production according to market demand in terms of quantity and quality of the member producers;
Control on the production quality in compliance with general European rules;
Support of the concentration of production and its marketing;
Reduce production costs and help stabilize production prices;
Provide technical means for storage, packaging and sale of the produce of the members, including sale and delivery to wholesale buyers;
Promote the production through the introduction of new technologies aimed at environmental protection and waste management. Maintaining the quality of water, soil and landscape, protection and increase of biodiversity;
Assistance for the implementation of good agricultural practices and scientific achievements;
Regular update of members about all applicable standards and regulatory changes affecting the production of fruits and vegetables;
Advice to members on the production of high quality produce, through joint work with specialized institutions. 
Study and implementation of experience of similar organizations in the European Union Member States. Support of fruit and vegetables producers and preparation of project proposals to funding organizations in the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables.


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